Research focus

Based on RDoc, Crocos Go Digital provides insights into gamified profiling solutions for cognition and behaviors in children  :

  • Gamified solutions designed for children;

  • Multimodal AI-analysis based on neuropsychological testing, digital and behavioral phenotyping;

  • Offering solutions based on the strong motivation of children for emerging technologies in a more ecological context


Gamified digital

Behavioral & Cognitive Phenotyping


Our Approach

Merging “lab-scale” methods with the gamified psychometric games implemented onto an unmodified touch-screen, has never been attempted in natural context and has real potential for a finer stratification of the cognitive and behavioral profiles.

Based on the RDoc initiative, we aims at :

  • Developing an Integrative data-driven assessments that will identify more sensitively pluri-symptoms involved in neurodevelopmental disorders for children;

  • A portable and easy-to-use assessment tool that will facilitate testing in children in a more ecological condition ;

  • Improved access to early risk prediction and intervention in children, and ultimately improve lifelong care and positive consequences ;

  • Cost-efficient solutions from thousands of hundreds € (cost effectivel);

  • Reduced time and burden of diagnosis from current 12-18 months to few days;

  • Digital applications for diagnosis and interventions in compliance with data protection, privacy and security rules and principles.


Our Research Studies



RDoC-based battery for cognitive and behavioral profiling of children

Current Recruitment

Children aged 7-12 years


Inter-Relationships between cognition, motivation & socio-economic factors

Current Recruitment

Children in CE2 grade



Defining a methodology of gamification for cognitive & behavioral profiling assessments


Children aged 7-12 years


EEG-related biomarkers for neurodevelopmental 

disorders in children

Recruitment ongoing

Children aged 7 to 12 years


Attentional Performance Digital Assessments


144 children aged 8-9 years

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2 rue Neuve St Catherine, Marseille

Following the RDoc initiative, Crocos Go Digital is designing and developing the next generation of cognition & behaviors profiling in children based on th integration of gamified psychometry,  digital and clinical endophentoyping and IA-based algorithms for early detection of neurodevelopmental associated-symptoms in children

- Multimodal tool

- Automated

- Easy-to-access